360W DC/DC & AC/DC P.S.

This dual 360W Caesar Series can be used as either a constant voltage power supply or a DC/DC converter. It is designed with ultra-high efficiency and has a metal case enclosure. The extraordinary performances of low power dissipation and fan-less design provide high reliability and long lifetime. This series offer solid and safe power conversions for applications such as e-vehicles, e-bikes, e-motorcycles, e-boat, e-machines, etc.


  • AC Input Voltage: 90~264Vac
  • DC Input Voltage range from 100~400Vdc
  • Output Power: 230~400W
  • Isolated Input/ Output design
  • Easily parallel for power scalability and redundancy
  • High Efficiency: Up to 95.5% @ 220Vac
  • All-Around Protections: UVLO, OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP
  • Ultra-High Power Density: 27W/inch3
  • Wide Working Temperature Tc: -40oC~80oC
  • IP60 Ingress Grade
  • Power Boost with Additional Heat Sink