Green Watt Power, a division of FSP-Powerland Technology,  offers a variety of power products for the Electric Vehicle market including DC/DC converters and AC powered chargers up to 11kW and specialty products like solar inverters and LED Drivers. Our products provide customers total cost savings through high-efficiency, low-cost and consistently reliable performance.

84W to 11kW chargers for electric vehicles, marine and industrial applications with batteries from 12V to 420V.  Inputs range from 90V to 360V. Both on-board and off-board chargers are available with CAN communications

130W to 3500W DC/DC modules for electric vehicles that draw power from a bank of batteries or other high voltage DC power sources. Typically used to supply power to accessories, lights, instruments, and on-board conversion

Green Watt Power and its parent company, FSP-Powerland, offer specialized products for the solar, industrial power supply, and LED driver markets. The company also designs custom solutions for unique applications

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