World’s Smallest 6.6kW Liquid Cooled Emerald Charger™ Introduced for EV Lithium-Ion E-Mobility Applications with CAN and IP67 Rating

Series-6600 Watt EVC Li-Ion, 2022 Sept 7Sept 12, 2022.  Green Watt Power, a division of Powerland Technology, Inc. announces its Emerald Charger™ an 6600W liquid-cooled charger with a 20A output for lithium-Ion 400V batteries for use in Electric Vehicle (EV) applications, such as material handling, motorcycles, scooters, motorcycles, e-carts and other e-mobility functions.

The Emerald’s high-density profile design including internal cooling via liquids is believed to be the smallest size available and allows easy mechanical integration into a variety of form factors.  The standard overall dimensions of the EVC-420-6600 is only 298x188x70 mm (11.7×7.4×2.8 inches) with a weight of 6kg. The package is designed for high power density and thermal efficiency and is fully potted to help in high-stress environments and has an IP67 rating.

The EVC6600 Emerald with an universal input range of 90 to 264VAC is able to handle a wide range of standard of worldwide wall power input voltages and frequencies. The input frequency range is 47 to 63Hz. With efficiencies up to 95%, the Power Factor Correction (PFC) is 0.99 at 110Vin.

The Emerald Charger has CAN communications for unit status and control with many protection features including OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, and UVLO.  The Turn-on Delay at full load is 5s max. The operating temperature with controlled coolant temp has a range of -40 to +85⁰C.

Units are available from stock to 8 weeks.  For more information, please contact Green Watt/Powerland North America at 1-310-881-3890 or  For more information on the EVD6600 go to or the Green Watt Power website:

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