Green Watt/Powerland to Exhibit at Battery/EV Tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany on May 23~25

Santa Monica, CA, May 3, 2023 – Green Watt Power, a division of Powerland Technology, Inc. announced today that it will showcase its latest battery charger and DC/DC converter products in Stuttgart Germany, the premier Electronic Vehicle (EV) and Battery trade show on May 23~25th at booth 10A72.

Among the new products on display will be the company’s Emerald™ 6.6kW charger, the smallest in the marketplace, new mid-range chargers and DC/DC converters ranging in power up to 10kW, which are characterized by their ultra-small size and ultra-high efficiency.

The charger line of products, ranging from 84W to 11kW, is specifically designed for Li-Ion battery applications in the e-mobility marketplace such as electric vehicles, marine and industrial applications, with battery voltages from 12Vdc to 420Vdc and input voltage ranges from 90Vac to 360Vac.

Green Watt/Powerland Technology has been deeply involved in the EV industry for decades, and has established partnerships with major international benchmark companies. The company has earned recognition for its technical prowess and high-quality service with its high efficiency and best in class power density.

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About Powerland Technology

Green Watt Power,, as part of the Powerland Group is a leading power supply company, providing full service and solutions for electric vehicles, industrial, medical, lighting and other high-end power electronics applications, where efficiency, reliability, lifetime, and power density are the primary challenges. Under the leadership of power electronics scientists from one of the top research laboratories in the world, CPES-Virginia Tech, Powerland has become the largest power electronics design house in China. Powerland is globally recognized and respected as an innovative high-tech, accountable and capable firm in customizing robust and unique power supplies. With innovations and breakthrough technologies, Powerland has over 700 employees worldwide and an annual shipment over 4 million products.  Powerland invented 100+ patents, and established the first platinum efficiency standard for the power supply industry.

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