Powerland to attend Lightfair in New York

Nanjing, China, April, 11 — Powerland Technology announced today that it will showcase its latest LED driver products at Lightfair, the premier lighting trade show, in May.

Powerland Technology, a leading provider of LED driver solutions, has announced that it will be exhibiting its latest range of products at the Javits Center in New York. Among the new products on display will be the company’s outdoor LED driver products, which are characterized by their ultra-small size and ultra-high efficiency. With a power range of 40-1800W, these products offer a comprehensive solution for outdoor lighting applications.

One of the highlights of the exhibit will be the new 600-1800W STH series of LED drivers for stadium lights. These drivers use an advanced circuit architecture to deliver a maximum power output of 1800W, with a wide voltage input range. Compared to mainstream LED driver products that require multiple units in parallel and are difficult to install due to their large size, the STH series offers customers a more flexible and convenient choice. The drivers are also compatible with a range of dimming methods, including DMX(RDM)/DALI2.0/0-10V/PWM, making them easy to control and customize according to customer requirements.

Powerland Technology has been deeply involved in the LED lighting industry for decades, and has established partnerships with major international benchmark companies. The company has earned recognition for its technical prowess and high-quality service in the field of LED drivers of grow lighting. The products on display at the Lightfair, including the GSL/GSH series, SLL/SLH series, GTL/GTH series, and ICE series of LED drivers, have all undergone significant upgrades in terms of appearance and electrical characteristics. They are highly efficient, easy to install, and offer customers a high degree of customization to meet their specific needs. The ICE series, in particular, boasts an efficiency rating of up to 97%, making it one of the most efficient LED drivers on the market.

“We are excited to showcase our latest range of LED driver products at the New York Lightfair,” said Alex Xu, General Manager of LED Business Unit at Powerland Technology. “Our innovative designs and cutting-edge technology offer customers a more efficient, more flexible, and more convenient choice for their LED lighting needs. We look forward to demonstrating the unique features and benefits of our products to visitors at the show.”