720W (ICE-347)

Powerland’s 720W Programmable ICE-347 Series offers digital programmable drivers with wide-range adjustable output current, together with 12V/250mA auxiliary output (optional) for smart lighting. The output current of this series are   programmable and designed for 0 (0.05)-10V/PWM/Rset/Clock/DMX (upon request) ultra-deep dimming applications. Bluetooth and ZigBee dimming are provided in B and Z versions.


  • Ultra-deep dimming down to 0.5%, compatible with DMX (upon request)
  • Universal input voltage: 108~382Vac
  • 12V/250mA auxiliary output (optional)
  • Constant current & constant voltage output
  • Output current & output voltage programmable
  • Compatible with 0(0.05)-10V, PWM, external resistor, clock, DMX (upon request) dimming
  • Support wireless dimming (Bluetooth or ZigBee protocol)
  • Support isolated 12V auxiliary power output & dimming (optional)
    • 70,000 hours lifetime at 75oC Tcase
    • 7 years warranty at 75oC Tcase
  • operating temperature @ -40oC
  • Safety according to UL8750
  • Surge voltage rating: L-N 5.5kV, L/N-Earth 11kV
  • EMC according to FCC Part 15 Class A
  • Lightning, OVP, SCP, OTP & Open Circuit Protection
  • Fully potted to ensure high reliability in rugged environments
Input Voltage180~382Vac180~382Vac180~382Vac180~382Vac180~382Vac
Output Voltage Range18~24V27~36V31~42V36~48V42~54V
Max. Output Current30A20A17.14A15A13.33A
EfficiencyUp to 97%
Max. Case Temperature90°C90°C90°C90°C90°C
Power Factor>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95>0.95


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