Green Watt Power’s 1.2~1.4kW DC/DC modules are based on the PPU(Power Processing Unit) smart redundancy structure to realize higher power output within an ultra-small size. Designed for DC/DC applications in electrical vehicles, this series features high reliability, high power density, high efficiency and high thermal performance. Features PPUTM Smart Redundancy Structure, Variable Switching Frequency Control, and supports parallel converters.


  • PPU Smart Redundancy Structure
  • Variable Switching Frequency Control
  • Support Paralleled Operation
  • Output Voltage Adjustable
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Input Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection
  • Built-in Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Ultra Thin Design: 15mm Thickness
  • Fully potted to ensure high reliability in rugged environments
Input Voltage200~425V200~425V
Rated Output Voltage12V28V
Output Current100A50A
Voltage Accuracy±1% Vout±1% Vout
Line Regulation±0.2% Vout @ Over Input Voltage Range±0.2% Vout @ Over Input Voltage Range
Load Regulation±0.2% Vout @ No-Load to Full Load±0.2% Vout @ No-Load to Full Load
Temperature Coefficient0.02% Vout/oC @ Baseplate -55~100oC0.02% Vout/oC @ Baseplate -55~100oC
Over Voltage Power Off115% Vout115% Vout
Output Voltage Adjustable Range75~110% Vout75~110% Vout
Isolation3,000 Vrms, Input to Output3,000 Vrms, Input to Output
Dimensions (LxWxH)135x102x15mm135x102x15mm
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